when you arrive



Parking is available on the East side of the building, with additional spaces in the back.  Do NOT block the drive-thru area or park in the seating areas.  Parking is allowed on Main Street and may be the best option for larger vehicles.

Large vehicles are Prohibited in the drive-thru lane. 

Please be careful of others and park at your own risk.


placing your order

Order inside, or use the drive-thru lane on the west side of the building.

Place your order by name or by number, we will make sure it's cooked to order every time.  

RV's and tall vehicles are NOT allowed in the drive-thru lane.   


order pickup

Listen for your Name.  We will call you to the pick-up counter as soon as your order is ready.  If your order included drinks or ice cream, we may call your name more than once.