The Original Burger Alien?

Who is Everett Ruess?

Known as an Artist, Writer and Poet this young man ventured far and wide in a search to fill his vagabond spirit.  It was his solo trips in some of America's most spectacular scenery, such as the California coast or the High Sierra mountains that provided him the inspiration for many of his most well known works - a collection of block prints, in simple black and white.   

It was his solo trips in the American deserts of the Southwest that seemed to be his favorite as it captured his attention most completely leaving him unabated room to travel and explore and ultimately became the place that he disappeared forever.  Never to be seen from again.

The Mystery – It was Fall 1934, November to be exact when anyone in the tiny town of Escalante, Utah could say for certain that they had seen the young 20 year old man.  A campsite with plenty of gear, supplies and just the kinds of things you want on the remote desert landscape were found at the bottom of Davis Gultch.  But Everett was no where to be seen.

The Search  – It was March 1935 when several search parties were sent looking for Ruess.  Plenty of clue's were found, his campsite and gear, those markings reading Nemo 1934 that seemed associated with the missing person.  The search parties covered a lot of ground but none of it came close to answering where he went.

The Legend – At the time of his disappearance, few people had heard of Everett.  In part to his parents, authors, movie producers and so many others his art and legacy persist on today.  The fact that he was never found compounds the mystery of this young man that wondered off into a twisted southwest landscape to be wondered upon even today.

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So what happened to Everett Ruess?  How did he disappear in a far off tributary of the Escalante River?  Did he become the original burger alien?

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